How to Invite Villagers - Guide & Tips

  • Inviting comfortable island villagers is a very important thing for players. This guide will give you practical tips for living with villagers.



    After the ACNH 2.0 upgrade, Animal Crossing New Horizons has a total of 397 villagers, including 16 new villagers in the latest update. The 397 villagers are divided into 35 different species of animals. Such as Shino for deer, Ione for Squirrel, Sasha for rabbit, and Frett for the dog.



    You may not have noticed, every villager is like a baby and has hobbies. Some like fashion magazines, some like to discuss villagers' gossip. Before you make a list of your favorite villagers, you need to do some research. If you have a clear mind, choose Buy Animal Crossing Items For Sale to make your 3D island even more beautiful.

    animal crossing new Villagers


    The designers of Animal Crossing New Horizons are very caring. Because every villager in the game has its character. There are eight different characters in New Horizons: Normal, Lazy, Sisterly, Snooty, Cranky, Jock, Peppy, and Smug. You can easily make a list of your wishes by gender, personality, and animal species.



    Limit the number of villagers on an island

    The maximum number of villagers you can live on an island is 10. As an experienced island builder, Nook's Cranny on your island must be opened first before inviting villagers. Nook's Cranny is a shop where players can go to buy furniture, tools, and their native fruit. It also acts as a pawnshop where players can sell things they don't want and get money from what they sell. If you want to take advantage of the business check-in at Nook's Cranny, please knock on the door before 11:00 pm.



    In New Horizons, Tom works at the Resident Services Centre, working alongside Isabel. Nook's Cranny is backed by property tycoon Tom Nook. Run by Timmy and Tommy, Nook's Cranny has always been well-stocked. The full service is available every time the player visits the door. The store itself is like a shed, made of wooden boards and held together by metal panels. As the store is upgraded, the Nook's Cranny will have more space to store more wallpapers, flower seeds, wetsuits, or other rare items. Lucky thing. Acbellsbuy is an amazing ACNH Shop where you can buy any goods you want. If you want to receive the item on the island in 10 minutes, choose to Buy Animal Crossing NMT.



    As the owner of the island, you can invite your favorite villagers to settle on the island. With nearly 400 animal villagers, you can have up to 10 villagers living on your island at a time. Before inviting animal villagers, you need to do a screening. If you invite a villager you don't like, it will be a very troublesome thing. When your island accidentally settles with a grumpy villager, your island may be full of noise.



    How to Get Villagers with Nook Miles Tickets

    To Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and you need 2000 Nook Miles. Go to the Nook Stop Terminal with ACNH Nook Miles to purchase a Nook Miles Ticket. Take the AC NMT, run to the airport, and tell the Dodo Orville behind the counter that you want to explore another island. During your exploration, you may encounter random animal NPCs. Talk to them and take the opportunity to explain that they live on your island. You may need to talk to them a few times before you receive an invitation.



    Random visitor at the campsite

    Once your ACNH Modern Island starts to feel more solid, you can accomplish more. Empty a campsite for traveling villagers on your island. Talk to these guests when they visit, and you might be able to convince them to stay on the island.



    Use your Amiibo card wisely

    After setting up your campsite on your island, run to the Nook Stop kiosk and invite an animal to your campsite. You don't need to play games with them, you need to convince them by making multiple ACNH Tools, ACNH Art, or ACNH DTY Recipes for them and inviting them back several days in a row.



    Adopt villagers from other players' islands

    If you visit another person's island and discover that villagers are leaving the island they currently live in, you can invite them.