2x champion is that he won back-to-back NBA


    While the renowned YouTube streaming channel has been developing and developing the game he has developed himself, called DEADROP, it appears that he has collaborated in conjunction with 2K Games, as fans recognize elements of the actor in-game NBA 2K23 MT.The Doc teased his appearance in NBA 2K23 on September 8 by tweeting "hearing many reports about the Two-Time. But, we'll come out to play tomorrow... Literally," fans have now seen his signature vest , as well as other items in the game.

    It appears to be an element of the NBA 2K23 Seasonal Pass, players can get Dr Disrespect cosmetics which include his "Black Steel Mullet and headphones" in Tier 8, and the "Showtime vest" in Tier 32.This is quite hilarious, and it is certain the players are swarming around on the streets of My Park and City wearing the Doc's attire and one of the comments under Dexerto's blog that reads "HECK Yes! !"

    As Dr Disrespect typically plays an FPS game, some might be puzzled or awed by this collaboration, but followers of his will be aware that he's been playing sports since he was an kid.In fact the reason that the Doc claims to be the 2x champion is that he won back-to-back NBA Jam tournaments in 1993 and 1994, which is why this collab actually seems appropriate.

    NBA 2K23 has been recently launched on all important platforms, including Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 Cheap NBA 2K MT, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game received lots of enthusiasm by fans due to the many new features and improved technical features like graphics. Apart from minor glitches, the game has been mostly bug-free to date.